Optical Cable 17ft

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It is important that any cable carrying the video or audio for your home theater or high-end audio system has the ability to transfer signals at optimal quality from end to end. It is even more important when you are dealing with the quality of today is unparalleled digital video and audio formats. Tha is why standards like HDMI and DVI have taken over the electronic world, and why you cant settle for less than the highest quality cabling to connect your components.

Falling squarely into that "highest quality" category are the TosLink fiber optic cables which have become common to connect modern digital audio equipment. The signals carried by these cables use the latest S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) to transfer audio without the necessity of converting them to and from analog signals; in the past, RCA connectors have commonly been used at either end of the cables. However, TosLink turns the audio into an optical signal, making it immune to any type of radio frequency or electromagnetic interference and delivering the purest possible audio to the target device, even at maximum volume. TosLink fiber optic cables are definitely the way to go.

These cables are commonly used today on a wide range of components. You will find TosLink jacks on Dolby and DTS digital receivers and signal processors, DAT (digital audio tape) machines, many DVD, Blu-ray and mini-disc players, satellite receivers, electronic musical processors and instruments and video game consoles. For high-quality audio transfer, there is no second choice.

And for a male to male TosLink audio patch cable. We have designed our fiber optic TosLink-S/PDIF digital audio cable to match the exacting demands of the expensive audio equipment it connects. The cable itself is made from 1 mm low-loss, low-jitter synthetic fiber, and has precision-polished fiber tips (with tip protectors) to maximize signal transfer, molded strain relief to protect the connections, and heavy metal connectors to dampen any vibration which would affect the signal. The cable is covered by a strong PVC jacket to make sure these cables will last through any abuse they might take.

Optical audio signal transmission is the best way to ensure concert-hall audio quality from your devices. This TosLink cable is the best way to ensure that nothing will prevent all of that incredible sound from reaching you.

  • 1 mm low-loss core, low-jitter synthetic fiber and heavy metal connectors to dampen vibration
  • Optical signal transmission eliminating RFI, EMI or ground loop interference
  • Black PVC jacket
  • Molded strain relief to reduce stress where cable and connectors meet
  • Precision-polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer (includes tip protectors)
  • Connectors: TosLink Male to TosLink Male
  • Compatible with: ADAT, DAW, Dolby Digital, DTS devices with TosLink interface
  • Cable Length: 17 FT / 5M


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