Color Sensor Module

Code: 60058



  • High Quality
  • Board size: 2.9CM*2.7CM ( length and width)
  • VCC GND power supply interface definition
  • SO-S3 E0 OUT communication interface
  • Onboard TCS3200 color sensor
  • Support for 3V-5V input voltage
  • Chip pins have all led to the standard 100mil, pin ( 2.54mm ), convenient for lattice board
  • The module test of various colors exist a certain color, the color test demanding person please consider carefully before purchase.
  • TCS3200 and to test the object optimal distance of approximately 1cm

Design background:

With the speed of modern industrial production , development of automation direction , the production process has long played a leading role by the human eye color identification work will increasingly be replaced by the corresponding color sensor. For example: library use color-coded classification of the literature , can greatly improve the management and statistical bent , etc. ; in the packaging industry , packaging produced using different colors and decorated to represent their different nature or purpose. The color sensors are usually present on a separate cover photodiode corrected red, green, and blue filters , and the processing of the output signal corresponding to the color signal identified ; some will be set up between the two , but the output analog signals, the one A / D acquisition circuitry , the signal is further processed to identify and increase the complexity of the circuit, and there is a large identification error , affecting the recognition results. TAOS (TexasAdvancedOptoelectronicSolutions) 's new color sensor TCS3200, not only to achieve recognition and detection of color , compared with the previous color sensor , but also has many excellent new features.


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